How to create a blog or website with google blogger


Here in this post you will learn very easy step by step guide to create a blog or website using google blogger.

A few words about this blog:

Onlytechgyan is a live example of blog made with love by google blogger along with custom domain. Here you will able to learn A to Z about Blogging,Web-designing,Android basics and Making money Online etc.

Now lets get started with our main tutorial.

Things that you need to get started with Blogger:

(1) A Pc or laptop.
(2) Working Internet Connection.
(3) A Gmail account.
If you already have these things then you are ready to go.

Creating a brand new blogger account:

First of all it is very important to know what blogger actually is.

Blogger : Blogger is a free platform available in the internet which is used to create many kinds of blogs and websites. Blogger is a product of Google and it is also known as Google Content Management System (CMS).

Now we are ready to go for creating a blog with step by step guide:

Step One: Open your internet browser and log into your gmail account then go to google and search for "blogger" hit the first website shown on the search result.

Step Two: Now you will be asked to create a new blog. Just click on the button create new blog.

Step Three: Now you have fill the Title and Address section. In Title section type the name of your blog and in address section paste the title name without giving space in it and hit the "Create blog" button.

Well done you have successfully created your blog.

Note:The Step Four is not compulsory you can skip that. 

Step Four: My recommendation is that you should buy a custom domain from any well known domain name registrar company. e.g Godady and Name Cheap.

Note:   Look at your existing blog URL e.g Now go to domain name registrar website and type your exact domain name in the domain name search bar and buy it. You can also buy a custom google domain in the other hand. 

Step Five: Now select a free template provided by blogger or you may use a custom paid template.

Now in the coming steps we will learn about four main features included in blogger Dashboard one by one.

Step Six: Creating post with google blogger is very easy.
  1. Log in to blogger dashboard.
  2. Select post section from the left bar.
  3. Give your post title.
  4. Start writing your article and
  5. Publish it.

Step Seven: Creating pages for you blog is also so simple. You can create you about us,contact us and privacy policy page.
  1. Select page section from the left bar
  2. Give you page title name
  3. Write you words in the text editor and
  4. publish your page.


Step Eight: Customizing the template layout is little bit tricky for newbie but not very hard. You will learn yourself with a few days of practice. See what you can do with blogger template layout below.

  • You can upload your custom favicon.
  • You can upload your custom blog logo.
  • You can add and remove any Htlm widget.
Step Nine : Blogger template code editor is a live code editing field where you can handle all the functions of your blog. But You need to have proper knowledge of Html and Css at least.


[info title="Congratulations message" icon="info-circle"] Congratulations you have learnt a very well lesson about Google Blogger and now it is our turn to practice these thing. Always remember until an unless you do not practice what you have learnt is equal to empty. Trail and error is the only formula to learn something :)[/info]

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Here in this post you will learn very easy step by step guide to create a blog or website using google blogger.Customizing template,creating post and page,connecting custom domain and google domain.

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